How do you know if you are in the honeymoon phase or never even went through one?

Is it possible to enter a relationship and not have a honeymoon phase? I remember from my last... well only relationship several years back, what the honeymoon phase was like, but does it always happen at the beginning of a relationship?


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  • The honeymoon phase usually is at the beginning of a relationship, it is when everything about the other person is just perfect and you are having the best possible relationship ever. But I think a honeymoon phase can come more than once during a relationship. Sometimes, even after being together for years, you can wake up and just feel like you are falling in love with this person all over again, and you will again feel like they are just the best person in the world and you are extremely lucky to have them. Relationships have different phases that come and go, there is the honeymoon phase, the Old Married Couple phase, the I want to f**in kill you phase, and the Neutral phase. These circulate through an relationship.

    • But all relationships do go through the honeymoon phase eventually

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