I'm worried about seeing him what do I do?

So earlier this girl posted a question about if girls like playing with their bfs hair & I was thinking about my ex.. as he's been msging me lately so I told him how I love his hair & I missed him & he told me he has been thinking about me too & is going to come see me tonight... its not as shady as it sounds he works late & lives pretty far our routine was always movies & cuddling till we fall asleep :) BUT I'm scared we broke up because of a misunderstanding I hurt his feelings :( & then he hurt mine.. but ever since then I've thought of him often when we were together he treated me like a princess & the connection felt like love... butwhen i accidentally hurt him.. he kinda stomped on my feelings... what if it happens again? But since him I've been on dates & had several men ask me out but its not the same & no one ever treats me the way he did or made me feel as safe & loved so I don't want to pass up a chance... I don't know what to do


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  • It sounds like there is still unfinished business between the two of you. You broke up over a misunderstanding. He was probably angry and said some things that he should not have. Give it a go. Maybe it is love, but you will never know unless you don't try. Just take it step by step, and make sure that when you do move forward into a relationship again, to leave the past in the past, it should not be brought up in the future ever.

    • Okay thank you for this advice :)