Forehead kiss on 4th date?

We have known each other for a year but we ended up hanging out at my place a couple times and had sex right off the bat. The on the third time we just made out. But we met again last night and I think he tried to ask me to go on a real date together but in a shy way. But thhe hugged me and kissed me on the forehead goodnight. Is he losing interest or still likes me?


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  • You're 35 and you have to come here to ask that question? Why ask us? How the hell would we know what it means? Why not just ask him? After all, you'vr already had sex, what else could possibly embarrass you now? No wonder the world is full of such miscommunication.

    Think, girl. You started our with sex. You gave him that right off the bat. He's already finished with you. He's already had all he will ever get. You have nothijng else left to give him now that you've already given him your body. You're how old and you can't figure that out? Time to find another man, and next time don't be so naive and stupid. Unless you give your body like a whore to every dick you find on the street.


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  • A forehead kiss is probably more sincere show of affection then a long make out session. Think about it, you kiss your children and mother that way. Making out with a bunch of tongue is fore play not affection. He likes you and is thinking of you in Girl Friend kind of way rather then booty call. It's a good sign.

  • The infamous forehead kiss. He respects you enough to not go too fast--> that's why I do it. But only he knows why he did it.

    • "He respects you enough to not go too fast."

      But they already had sex?

    • @songbird 686 yup, realized that after I wrote it! It's what I get for skimming.

  • Well he's still dating you so I doubt he's losing interest. I'd say it's more of his view of you is changing slightly. If you've known each other for a year, you've probably become pretty emotionally attached and even more so now you've been on some dates.

    Feelings of love rather than lust/infatuation, say. Obviously I can't know for sure so don't let that scare you away if that's not what you want.

    • Actually, I guess that sounds like it might be a bit much. I mean to say he's probably just exposing a little bit more of a vulnerable side to himself to you.

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