ASAP: What's going on, is it over for us, is it my fault?

So I met this guy on match. com. Everything was going great we'd been talking for about 2 months. I'd been working away in December but once I was back in January we'd decided we'd go out on dates. So everything is great we go out on two dates. Both fantastic, second date he held my hand and stroked my leg while we were watching a film in cinema. It was great night he dropped me home and said he'd love to see me again. Then as the next 2 weeks went on he become quite distant, I'd ask if wanted to do anything he'd say yeah but never plan anything. So I asked him why and he said had some money difficulties which I understood and I said that's fine maybe we can do something when things better for you.
We were starting to talk less and I didn't want to come across as clingy so I was trying to hold back. Then Friday night just gone I was slightly drunk and sent a stupid text saying I liked him and I'd like to see him. I asked if he was saying anyone else, why he kept turning down my dates and starting to ignore me. Now I know how bad this was of me and I apologise profusely to him, saying I didn't mean it, that I was really drunk and this isn't like me and asking for second chance. He's read my messages but won't speak to me, won't even tell me if doesn't want to see me again. He has deleted me off Facebook or anything but won't say a word to me.
Yesterday I noticed he's updated and changed some of his match. com profile. Does this mean it's over, is there anything I can do. I know what I did was wrong and I've told him that but part of me feels annoyed he won't say anything to me. Any advice would be great. I honestly thought he liked me, he lead me to believe he did was he just playing me or did I mess things up? If so can I fix it?


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  • It's obviously not ur fault, u didn't do anything wrong. He either met someone else, or he changed his mind about u after u went out together. And if u already texted him and he keeps ignoring u then i guess there's not much u can do about it... wait and see if he reaches u somehow

    • Thank you, suppose it's not the answer I really wanted but I guess and know your right. Thank you :)

    • I'm sorry, no problem :)

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