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Ok so when I met this guy (we'll call him, Joe), I was broken up with my ex (we'll call him Bill) and had been for a few months. We were crazy for each other, always happy and everything. Hung out all the time our kiddos got long great... I made a mistake. "Bill" came to me and apologized for what he had done to cause the break up. I didn't go back to "Bill", but I let him in just enough that it didn't go over well with " Joe". My cell phone at the time was in "Bills" name. I asked him to get it turned off. He refused and I can't afford 2 bills. Then "bill" went to "Joe" and told him stuff that wasn't true. "Joe" has been cheated on and he believed the lies. "Bill" never showed any proof. Now "Joe" won't have anything to do with me and I'm crazy in love with him. How do I win him back? I've tried showing him by getting a new phone and new number, I've begged (which I know is stupid) & I've been super nice. I don't blame him for being upset, but I love this guy and I can't just let go.


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  • Proof has nothing to do with it. If you were with a guy and some girl told you that he was. cheating you would naturally believe her, that's just the way it goes. What you need to do is earn back his trust not demand proof, or put it back on him. If you want him this has got to be about you, use lots of "I" statements such as I am sorry, I never wanted to hurt you, what can I do to mend this, etc. And to be perfectly honest, I am not sure you can fix this. In his mind the affair happened, and NOTHING you can do will change that, and any attempt to will only make it worse.


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