Girls why do you think guys are giving up on relationships?

This huge cultural movement has started where guys just don't have any drive to go out and date women anymore. Movements such as the herbivore or organizations such as MGTOW now push men to not get into relationships. What are your thoughts and has it affected you at all?

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This has got to be one of the most touchy subjects on here. A majority of comment are often aggressive as if they don't know where to go with what i said; a lot of people also lie about not needing anyone else, thats complete BS, its basic human nature.


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  • Girls why do you think guys are giving up on relationships?
    Likely the same reason gals are giving up on relationships- they don't see it being worth the effort.

    What are your thoughts and has it affected you at all?
    B. No it has not effected me

    My view on hetero males has been supported by seemingly common and encouraged laments by herbivore/MGTOW guys such as 'all/most women are evil shallow gold digging b*tches who abuse feminazism to keep us poor men down'/'let's give American women the husband they deserve- none'.

    Herbivores to my knowledge is a Japanese thing with more women being herbivores than men. (Source as the last I checked it was 39% of guys and 59% of gals that were herbivores

    • But question: a lot of these guys that don't go after girls, why do guys have to go after girls, i hear this in their arguments a lot and they argue its a gender stereotype, what is your opinion?

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    • There is a social almost law where men are always pushed to get certain things to always go get what they want instead of just waiting or not even caring for what happens. True you do hear a lot of lamenting and blaming more than anyone really should, however i see them trying to break the idea that men should always be the the ones to accomplish things. Just as feminists are consistently saying that they shouldn't be just the normal house wife the MGTOW movement is showing its contempt and saying we don't want to have any drive and were proud of it. They are basically stepping aside, letting feminism run its course and hoping it will burn out at least in their ideal situation, that's not necessarily what could happen.

    • " i see them trying to break the idea that men should always be the the ones to accomplish things. "
      Different views as most posts I see of MGTOW anffrom MGTOW are about how awful gals are especially American gals so guys don't want them as 'evil feminism' has 'ruined' gals so much that they are undesirable. It doesn't seem to be about breaking gender notions about guys approaching or taking initiative but more of 'women suck so we're doing are own thing'.

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  • As far as I'm concerned men have been going their own way and doing their own thing since the beginning of forever. I don't know why now all of a sudden it's such a big deal.

    They go and do whatever they want and it doesn't bother me at all. If they want to go and be alone then let them lol

    I have had wondrous luck with dating and as far as I'm concerned the rest of y'all can go whatever way you want. :) One of you went my way and that's good enough for me.

    So yeah, this whole movement hasn't bothered me in the slightest.

  • I've actually read it's women giving up on relationship (until their biological clocks start ticking), so that they can further their careers and because the stigma of being sexual outside of a relationship is going away. women having more freedom/independence makes them not want to be held down/back by a man.

    • Yes and still this leads to my question, because men are realizing they don't have to support women, you simply stated something irrelevant to my topic and not what i asked for. Thanks for your opinion.

    • you're welcome! ;)

      I'm sorry you're too ignorant to understand how my response is completely relevent to your question.

    • Haha I read your response over and over i can see little relavance i can already piece together what your saying but I've passed that conclusion a long time ago good luck sweetie ;)

  • It has honestly not effected me. I believe with there now being more open relationships, friends with benefits, and what not individuals lose the strive to want to be in a committed relationship. Also maybe they have something more important to worry about.
    I know I wasn't interested in dating until I was 17 years old and it was mainly because I was too busy with doing dressage and help training my horse. After he had passed away, I just wanted companionship and to do stuff with another person.

  • I don't really care and it hasn't affected me. Maybe more guys are afraid of commitment, but so are more girls. They're probably afraid of girls screwing them over or something.

    • It seems like a lot of people not just guys or girls but everyone is afraid, or tired of getting hurt.

    • True, and I think it's because people are too quick to jump into a relationship now.

    • I think it quite possibly be disparity, what are your thoughts?

  • You seem to not see that these are all the types of guys on the Internet all day... So really, it isn't guys us girls would be meeting anyway. So no, doubt anybody is affected. The guys getting involved in this nonsense to make their unsuccessful attempts at dating feel better are obviously not the type we want anyway... or they'd be out with girls not on the Internet and complaining nobody wants them. To affect us, we have to have wanted you guys in the first place.

    • Right im asking if you have ever run into a guy where he has turned you down simply because he had no drive?

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    • Thank you sincerely for an honest opinion.

    • >So no, doubt anybody is affected

      Well, polygamous marriage isn't legal yet. Just saying.

  • Why no just admit that you're lazy, selfish, and cheap. Lol

    • Hahaha just about the most Sane answer I've gotten yet

    • But question: a lot of these guys that don't go after girls, why do guys have to go after girls, i hear this in their arguments a lot and they argue its a gender stereotype, what is your opinion?

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  • I just looked up the website. what are the reasons guys usually choose to join mgtow? if its legit that's cool but anything other than legit is just sad :/

    • I know i recently discovered them its mainly a bunch of dudes giving up on life i dont agree with them at all. I think i phrased the question wrongly and people are mistaking me for part of their movement.

  • Eh?
    The Herbivore movement lol?
    You know... It's a japanese term for men who just gets “preyed” on by hungry hungry thirsty women right lol?

    Mgtow are mostly a bunch of bitter peeps I've found.

  • The "Herbivore" movement is not quite the same as MGTOW. MGTOW came from a feeling of anger towards women taking advantage of unfair laws when it comes to divorce, paternity fraud, etc. Herbivores are men in Japan (and also China, I think) who don't make enough money or have the status that the women are desiring. In other words, many women there have such high requirements there that most men can't meet them. So a lot of women are sad and lonely, and the men just go off and do their own thing. I think the Herbivore movement is less hostile towards women than MGTOW. They just accept their fate and drop out of society, opting for a simple life rather than worrying that they can't get the high paying jobs they need to impress the women there.

    • China has what they call "Leftover women" who are above 27 and unmarried. They are usually very successful, and don't want to marry any guy who is younger, makes less money, and doesn't own a house. Getting a house there isn't easy. Also, the fact that there are millions more men than women is another factor in why so many men are giving up.

    • Interesting, I always thought of MGTOW as strictly adhering to the idea that feminism is degrading the social status of males. I for one believe everyone should have equal rights to certain aspects of culture they believe in. I always thought MGTOW wants to make money but doesn't want any of it to go to women in general. The idea many people gather behind Men Going Their Own Way is that they simply want to live the bachelor life style without the intrusion of women. But thats what I have heard of mgtow; that does not express my current views on feminism nor am i in any way apart of their organization or belief.

    • In Japan, the "price" of women is so low that there are actually bars that are dedicated to providing male emotional attention to women.

      Basically they have attractive men in the bars, and the women pay money to go there and interact with them, and have conversations about stuff.

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