Would you think any less than your ex boyfriend if this happened?

We waited a year to finally be together because her parents. They wouldn't allow us to date. Honestly there's no doubt we were crazy about each other. her mom said she would never speak to her again If she moved out with me. She ended it stonecold. It just shut me down completely and came out of no where it seems like. She was so excited before.

I failed one of my test at the police academy and got cycled into next year's class. I was a month away from graduation. This happened a week after the breakup. I feel weak like I couldn't control myself. Do you think she thinks any less of me?

Wanted more answers.


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  • Her parents need to chill my bfs parents were this way too she shouldn't think less of you if she cares about you just talk to her about how you feel

    • I've already gone back and fourth pissed off and loving. Looks like I'm bipolar.. she is not msging me after I told her that. Although I don't think she thinks it was because of her.

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    • Lol her parents would call the police on me. Not a good idea. She ended things not me. I can't keep bugging her.

    • I don't know what the best thing is for her because if she can't see me because of her parents and I keep trying to come around It's going to only hurt her more.

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