My boyfriend will ignore my texts. It really bothers me, how do I explain it without sounding desperate, whiny and needy?

We have a long distance relationship and I'm moving closer to him this summer. So I need that reassurance I'm doing the right thing. He's very complacent.


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  • Tell him that if he's busy or can't talk to just say something. one word like busy or bye. he might be too special for big sentences lol

    • He is a man of very few words. Lol

    • I knew it lol

    • hopefully this works. after he "got me" his true phone etiquette has shined through. lol. it's easier in person

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  • "Hey, it's kind of bugging me that you're ignoring my texts. If you're too busy, I'd rather have you tell me that you'll get back to me later than ignore me completely. It doesn't feel good to be ignored."

  • Are you sending important texts? Or just texts that don't really say anything and doesn't require a reply?

    • I don't mind when he doesn't reply to statements. But if I'm asking general questions, like "how'd your day end up?" And he won't answer back. Not often at all but because of the distance it bothers me.

    • I don't want to be that girl who sends the "why are you ignoring me?" Text lol