Complicated situation.. Should I Talk To Her and Ask Her Out Again?

I dated a girl for a month. We had 6 dates.. she was awesome. She liked me.. we had a connection. She's one of a kind. The last two dates we made out. The first time we made out she said she had been with 8 guys and thought that was enough for 26. She wanted to wait. I was fine with it. She told me several times I was super cute and handsome. She was all smiles and laughing. I never seen a girl smile the way she was smiling at me. Second time around things got hot. In the heat of the moment I asked again. She was all over me. She said she wanted to wait. I told her it was ok and I would wait. She said sorry with a guilty look look on her face. I told her she didn't need to be sorry. After that she jumped on me and was all over me until I left.
Two days later she sent me a text canceling on concert plans we had and said she wasn't ready for a relationship. She said I was awesome but couldn't handle it. She said she was scared and didn't feel like she was in my level yet. She said she didn't know me well enough to like me like I liked her. We haven't spoke in 2 weeks since. She hasn't deleted me on fbook. I feel bad... because I indirectly pushed her even though I told her I would wait. I care about her. I feel like not contacting her since is deflating my character. I was a gentleman towards her. Opened her car door, gave her my jacket when she was cold, even offered to drive her home when she was drinking with her friends and nervous to drive. I should ask her out and go out more to get her comfortable.. but at the same time.. it's a two way street. Should I reach out to clear the air sooner/later or leave it up to her?


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  • I dont know why she "changed" her mind, its seems like if she was a virgin but she is lying to you about it and about all her past dates or/and bfs. But I dont know, its confusing.

    I would try to speak with her, just once, and if it doesn't "flow" or work out, move on alone.


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