Broke up don't want my girlfriend to think I'm already having sex?

I posted a video of something on TV late at night in the background there was a girl laughing with me at the tv. It's only been a week but I'm assuming she just thinks I'm sleeping with her. Was my cousin. She thinks I sleep with everything that moves.


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  • You broke up. She's not your girlfriend. WHY does it matter?

    Spoiler alert: it doesn't.

    • Don't want her to be hurt. I still really care about her.

    • then why did u and her break up?

    • Circumstances her parents won't let us be togehter. Waited almost a year she got cold feet when we were about to move out. Her mom said she would never talk to her again.

  • It's nice that you don't want her to get hurt. My ex lied to me about sleeping with another girl, hours after our break up. Anyway. If you want to clear things up, you can add a caption or write a comment under it that tells it's your cousin, in a subtle way. Or you can just tag her.

    • Damn. How cold how did you find out about him lying.

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    • Lmao oh he lied the other way around.

    • Yeah, it sucks when someone goes through the trouble to lie just to hurt you -.-

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