Picky about older guy with younger women but not with older women with younger guys?

what the he11 am i doing wrong i am 38 i am attracted to much younger women early 20's to mid 30's i am really looking for some one to settle down and have a few more kids as in (3 to 4 ) with i know i dont have a lot of money or good look but dammit i do have a lot to offer it not like i look for the super cute hotty i know they would never give me the time of day any ways. i tend to go for the plane jane and some a little more heaver
i am a full time single dad with two kids and i never run from my responsibility i can't get a woman to see that

i do work hard ever day i am not some duchbag that sits on his but all day long am always on the go do thing with my kids my hobbies what ever


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  • Four kids is a lot. That woman would be rsponsible for as much as 6 children. That's a huge responsibility for a woman at any age. I'm guessing that's your biggest issue.


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  • Did it occur to you that most people that age don't want what you have and/or want? Most people in their twenties are't interested in being step parents of kids they could be the older siblings of.
    Maybe you should open yourself up to dating women your age.

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