What to do now it's awkward?

I met this guy online a month ago and we've not met yet cus we live in different cities. We text literally all day every day and send loads of selfies and stuff. Last week I asked him to meet up and he said yes, but never suggested a date or anything.

So we both had a bit to drink last night (separately) and ended up drunk texting each other quite a few naked selfies. We've never done that before. At the time he told me he was really shy and that he never did that. I told him that I didn't really either and that I'm not really into hook ups. He said he wasn't either. He said he wants to meet up too, but I don't know if he just wants sex now.

He's not texted today and I've not texted either. I'm feeling slightly embarrassed and awkward. I really quite like him and want to meet but I'm worried I've screwed it up now or that he's got the wrong idea.

How can I fix this? What would you do?


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  • meet up somewhere public and see if you connect as well in real life.

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