How do you ....

how do you go about and ask a man if it's OK if you can kiss him?


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  • Seriously, you are over 45 and you still don't know. Wow! That's a first. A technique that I love when women do this is when they lean in while talking to me and touch my arm or just lean in with their whole body. The man automatically begins to heat up if attracted to the woman which is usually the case for any hot looking woman. Then after leaning in for a few seconds, GO FOR IT. The man will do one of the following: back away from surprised reaction or just isn't interested or is caught off guard and goes with it or any number of possible things but you get the idea.

    For all possible types of kissing go to link


What Girls Said 1

  • if you two are ever alone and both of your faces are close and it's a good moment, JUST KISS HIM. you don't have to full on makeout. just quickly kiss, come off him, look at him straight in the eyes, and smile. also, make sure you look good that day! that'll make you more confident when going for his lips! (plus, guys don't need to be asked. it's only the other way around)

    • Thats true guys are the one who need to ask and girl just go for it but don't ask

    • I must agree it's the guy's burden to know when the girl wants him to kiss her and may need to ask. As for the girl she should just kiss him.

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