Can you provide the things you want in a partner?

Be it looks ( fitness, height, ethnicity etc) or personality ( smart, intellectual, extroverted etc) or anything else ex. Financial

Why is that so? Do you just like what you like. Do you want your partner to be similar or to pick up where you lack and vice versa?

  • I mostly can provide what I want in a partner
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  • I mostly cannot provide what I want in a partner
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  • A - Introspective
    B - Logical
    C - Attractive and Fit
    D - Possesses strong common sense
    E - Doesn't have a history of dating bad boys
    F - Doesn't have a history of promiscuity (I'm okay with a girl having a past, I won't treat her like a monster or anything, I always give girls respect regardless of sexual past, I just mentally cross them off my "potential girlfriend" list and keep them as platonic friends. There are some things I like to be on the same page with as my partner, this is just one of them)

    Everything on this list, from A-F, I possess in spades. I do my best to keep myself physically and mentally in shape as well. I never hold people to standards that I first don't possess myself. I make sure to try my best to never be a hypocrite.


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What Girls Said 1

  • The most important thing I look for is if they're religious or not. Everything else is secondary to me because being "religious" fills out a lot of qualities. We'd have a ton in common just from the religious part.


What Guys Said 2

  • I could and I would love it for my partner to share similar views as mine, such as staying fit, striving for health, being responsible with financial stability.

  • as long as she's taller and bigger than me... and likes my taste in music...