Flirting or just being friendly?

I have been on a week course and met two guys i like, i am 19 and one guy is 20 and the other is 26 (also the teacher) i think one is flirting i'm not sure or maybe i am just feeling lonely and want to believe their flirting. Anyways the teacher was first to notice i wasn't found around the area! said he would love to met my mum is she was anything like me! told me he found a job he thought i'd be good at because im out going and not ugly like him (ands he's not) and then i was speaking to people about dates and i said how i would love to just cuddle up and watch a movie and eat pizza for a date and he agreed with me, he always smiles and looks at me! but he does have a girlfriend he told everyone that she doesn't really notice him anymore and they have been together 10 years and only reason he won't leave her is because it will take to long to meet someone new! i think im reading the signs wrong but just want to be sure! the 20 year old is a student like me he was the first person i spoke to and he holds doors open for me and i catch him looking a lot and even after i told him how i would kill my uncle with a sharp icicle! he told me how he hates walking in weather when its cold but when i told him i was walking into town he walked with me in a heartbeat and was honest with me told me he had slept with 24 girls (which is pretty Meh but i like honest people) he told me how he had made bad choices in life and how he regrets them but can't change the mistakes but can change himself! he notices my nails and way i act he told me i was crazy but in a good way! I don't know if their being friendly or not and its confusing!

Also my friend saw me with the 20 year old and said how we look like we've know each other for years


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  • I think he's interested!

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