GUYS: which girl would you choose?

This is a completely theoretical girl.

-She is not your physical type and you are not attracted to her. If you like chubby girls, she's very thin. If you like thin girls, she's overweight.
Her face isn't attractive to you either.
-You two have little to nothing in common.
-She's got a very different type of humor so you don't laugh at each others jokes
-She doesn't really understand you very well
-She likes you though, and is obviously desperate for your attention
-**She is nice. She doesn't really do anything that's remarkably kind, but she's generally nice***

Vs this theoretical girl
-She's your physical type, and pretty
-You two are always laughing when together
-She's easy to talk to as you guys relate well
-she's sassy and exciting, also sarcastic
-she's very confident
-she isn't known for being nice, but she also isn't mean. ***
-she likes you and flirts with you without throwing herself at you

So who would you pick?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anyone who doesn't pick the second girl is being dishonest.

    And to answer your followup question, nobody expects girls to pick the male version of #1.

    Here's a more realistic situation where you see complaints about 1 person not being "picked". I'm not passing judgment on this choice, simply presenting it.

    Person 1
    -Has average physical and facial features, but is not what you find attractive
    -Has a similar sense of humor to you and you laugh frequently
    -Has several things in common with you
    -Talks with you all the time and knows you very well
    -Lacks confidence/self esteem, isn’t very flirtatious
    -Is sometimes needy and insecure
    -Is always there for you when you need someone to talk to and is very supportive of you


    Person 2

    -Has very attractive physical and facial features
    -Is very confident and outgoing
    -Is exciting and adventurous
    -Doesn’t have much in common with you
    -Makes you laugh, but doesn’t really laugh with you
    -Isn’t terribly nice or understanding, might even be critical of you
    -Flatters you and flirts with you, but avoids getting involved with you on an emotional level

    • Nice guys expect the girl to go for #1

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What Guys Said 6

  • I can't decide. I mean first girl is someone i can't stand but she likes me much. A girl who actually wants my attention, that's like winning the Super Bowl for me. On the other hand, the other girl likes me enough too, and i like being with her.

    • Edit: Aah screw it, i choose the first girl and voted. I don't know why but i just wanted to be with her, even though my judgement was screaming 2.

  • Obviously the second one.

    • Then why do guys think girls should choose #1 if roles are reversed

    • I don't expect anyone to do anything. You could ask the same with some women too.

  • Second girl, by far the easiest poll choice I've made on this site.

  • second girl

    • Then why do guys think girls should choose #1 if roles are reversed

  • I voted A. I always prefer to choose the girl who likes me instead of the girl I like, because in the latter case I'm sure to be rejected.

    • Um reread it. The second girl likes you.

    • Oops! Sorry, I missed it.
      Even in that case, I would be too insecure about choosing the second girl because she is 'pretty'. I'm an average looking guy (or perhaps below average), so I wouldn't want to choose a pretty girl because I feel she may eventually dump me when she finds a guy who is 'in her league' in terms of looks.

  • Apparently the 2nd

    • Why.

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    • Some other guys like such type, but it is not my type.

    • That's not the question.

What Girls Said 1

  • This was too easy.

    • I'm making a point. If you reverse the roles, guys expect girls to go for number one