Should I make a move, or just wait?

So tomorrow is the Valentine's dance at my school. I'm going with my boyfriend, who I've been dating for a year and two months. The only romantic thing we've done though is danced together and also he kissed me on the cheek. Everyone in my school says we really need to just do something a little more than that, and I'm starting to think they're right. I don't mean have sex or anything because we both agree we're way too young for that. I mean something smaller. I was thinking maybe I should do something at the dance? What do you think? And if so what should I do to maybe spice things up? Nothing too extreme, though please!


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  • You must be very young. It's sweet you have a boyfriend for so long. Maybe if you feel ready you could kiss him. The trick is to look into his eyes for a while and then to lips and then to eyes again and move your head slowly closer. It sounds difficult, but it actually goes really natural. I would only recommend this if you really feel ready.