Why do guys take a day or two to respond to texts?

First ill mention that me and him are both 24 years old. A few years back we dated for a short time, everything felt perfect and then out of the blue he ended it with no real reason. Now we have remind friendly over the years because we have mutual people we hangout with. He recently found out I was single and has been making an effort to hangout with me again, and we have a few times. Every time were together I have no doubts about his feelings, everything feels so right and I can tell he feels the same. Its when were not with each other that I start to get confused. For example, the other day he called me to talk for a min and then that night before bed I texted him something and its been a little over day and still no response. That confused the crap out of me! I don't know if I'm just being a girl and over thinking or if there's more to it. But when he texts me I immediately feel better cause he will ask me how what I'm up to and about getting together again. I usually wait awhile to text back when he finally does respond, cause I certainly don't want to seem to eager. I just don't get the long delays between texts. We both said we would take our time and see what happens because of what had happened in the past, so maybe he is being extra cautious because last time he wasn't. I don't know. I hate games like this and need to know what to do. ADVICE PLEASE!


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  • I remember the days before cell phones when calling a girl at her house or work was bad because someone else would answer. Nowadays, I can't stand my girlfriend sending me a text while I'm busy at work or on the road for some away trip. It becomes distracting and sometimes gets me into trouble with the boss because our cell phones need to be turned off around the equipment we use at the military base I work at.

    • Yea I hear ya. I'm hoping its just the busy factor cause he does work alot. Good to have a guys point of view on this stuff. Do guys ever feel this way when a girl they like doesn't text them back for long periods of time?

    • We're too busy to notice.

    • Haha k figured

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  • sometimes guys don't reply to texts because we don't send anything they feel they need to reply to.

    for example, if I guy were to send a text saying "i hope your day is going well :)" us girls would text back something like aww thanks. but if a girl sent that kind of text, SOME guys will think that there is nothing to text back to that. also, he may have just been busy when he got the text and then forgot to teext you back. if this happens A LOT then maybe you should back off and think about if you want to continue talking to a guy who doesn't text you back. but if it only happens every now and then, then I would just take it as he's busy or something.

    • Thanks! yea it seems like he likes to be the one to do the texting and if I do it randomly he takes a while to respond or sometimes he will quickly. Just to make it clear if I text him its only once. I don't keep texting him when I don't hear from him. lol maybe when I was like 18 I would have but I know better know. its just annoying cause ya never know what's going on in there heads.

    • Yea, I know! lol that's good you only text him once, I know that's hard to do sometimes haha!

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