Help/Advice needed with being interested in an emotionally unavailable woman?

I was seeing a 20 year old female for a month, we actually do have a good connection/spark.. she received some news that made her question her whole life up until now, what she calls an existential life crisis. And was honest in telling me she is a confused mess and not really a good person to date at the moment. I've since found out this is all genuine too
I just said i'll let her have her space to figure her head out/gain some clarity and that I am around if she wants to talk.. A few weeks later, would I seem pushy asking her how everything is going? Or just continue to let it all be for the moment. I'm pretty confident in the fact if she wants to reach out to me she will, So i'm not beating myself up about it.. Any advice is helpful, thanks


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  • Go for it. U genuinely want to know how she's doing. And I love her honesty, telling u she is not a good person to date right now.

    • thanks, your straight to the point, I will do, maybe just something light hearted, get a smile out of her

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    • Yeah, I think I came on a little strong with her last month, hence why I am hesitant to push.
      But I guess if that was the case she would of told me so also

    • I think she would have. She sounds like an open honest young woman

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  • There is no harm in asking how she is doing without being pushy it may be what she needs right now.

  • Yea check in on her once in a while


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  • Yea just move on. Too much fixing broken people find someone whose in the same place you are.

    • Mate, sometimes you got to trust your gut when a decent one comes past..
      But I get your point too, when my dad died I was a mess for 12 months, I was cancerous around women. like I say I'm not beating myself up over it, and there is other options if I do choose so