Was he hitting on me.. or just plain old customer service?

I go to this subway type place.. everyone once and a while.. and well lets just say I go a lot there after work. So one day I have my order and the guy at the front asked if i worked in the plaza cause i guess i have veen there a lot. and i said no.. I work down the road and he gave me a discount.. he then gave me extra stuff.. and said he would remember my order for next time.

am i looking way into it. he maybe 20/21. im around the same age.


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  • Usually I say people working in customer service just flirt a little with every one (I did, the younger moms loved it), but this is a bit above and beyond, sounds like he liked you.

  • Hitting on you would be obvious. Sounds like he was being friendly. Maybe he is just a friendly person, but there is a chance he is interested. Wait and see.

    • I know maybe he is friendly I remember him from the times before. but he never did that before.

    • Sounds like some really awesome customer service to me but only time will tell.

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