Guys, if it's only been a few weeks do you avoid a girl/ act weird around valentines day?

Just trying to figure out if this guy is pulling away because of VDay or other reasons. We've only gone out 4 times so obviously it's not serious, but it's been really great. And then this week he's being a little more distant, suggesting next time we hang out that we do it in a group. He also worked in that he usually does "casual dating" into the conversation.

Obviously I'll have a better idea next week, after the holiday is over. But who can be that patient when we have all of GAG to consult? haha ;)


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  • There's a lot of pressure around Valentine's day, even if you're not looking for a relationship! I don't want to be the one assuming the worst but he might want to take things slower, but as you say, you'll find out by the end of the week


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