Confusing hard to get behaviour?

I asked out a girl at my college who I knew liked me a couple weeks back, she said she basicly gave me the dreaded "maybe"

Before that we spoke about twice a week but since I asked for out and got rejected, I have avoided her so we haven't talked.

I always catch her looking at me when she thinks im not looking and I've overheard her and her friends talking about me so im not mistaken that she likes me. she's always been weird in that whenever she saw me she would suddenly pretend she was texting or act like she didn't see me my turning round and talking to her friend. I just dont get her ridiculous behaviour, I know she likes me for sure so why the hell does she not respond to my texts and say maybe when I ask her out?

Since im tired by her games it best to just ignore her unless she tries to speak to me?


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  • If you like her talk to her face to face. Need I remind you that you stop talking to her.