When A guy asks a girl for her number,and she says why don't you give me yours,Why can't she just say no?It's like they're programed to give these responses.She'll say I don't usually give my number out,That's a lie,what she really means is I give my number to someone I'm interested in.See guys rarely have to say something like this,cause women don't usually ask for your number.What are some other things women say or do that bug you?


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  • When A guy summons the guts, and takes the time out of his day to tell me that he likes the way I look and asks for my number, I deeply appreciate it, I wouldn't just ignore them and tell them a simple "no". But if I am not interested, I won't completely shoot them down right after they complimented, me... So instead I would ask for their number.

    Also when a guy is in front of his friends, I am pretty sure it would be a little bit embarrassing if you either say "no", or say "I am not interested", or ignore him.


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  • When she goes on a date with you and later you find out that she is on a break with her current boyfriend.

    When she calls you just to say hi how are you doing but what she really wants to know is where you are at, what you are doing and if you are not cheating on her.

    When she surprises you at work with an invitation to go have lunch with her and she catches you talking to another woman that ends up being your boss. YES, one of my past girlfriends actually broke up with me because my boss was a woman. I have to communicate to my boss at some point no matter the gender.

    When a girl asks me out on a date yet I still have to come up with where we are going and I end paying for everything.

    When a girl takes FOREVER to get ready yet tells me she is ready for me to come pick her up when it still takes her another hour to pretty herself up. YES, I've broken up with women because of situations like this.

    When a woman says she is not cheating on you with another man. She is only talking with them in bed under the sheets half nude.

    I have lots of other situations but I have other stuff to attend to.

    • Bro I'm LMAO Here.Those are some good ones.Especially the one about your boss.She must be hot.Or the Girlfriend was really insecure.Some women will try to get away with anything if you don't put them in check.Women want a guy who stands up to them.Not in a bad way.

      Take care

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