Give me an example of an insecure boyfriend?

I accused my girl cheating once and she did too. I told her Im sorry the long distance stuff just got to my head and I just acted on it Explained to her when it happened to me before wheb I was in the military.


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  • - You're cheating on me. If you haven't I know you will. I know you want too. Did you do it yet? Just watch. You will soon...

    - Do you think I'm attractive? No Im not. You're just saying that. You're only with me because you feel sorry for me. I'm right aren't I?

    - Do you love me? You dont love me. You'll never love me. No one loves me. I'm not capable of love. Please still love me.

    ... Thats all So very insecure...

    • Sounds a little extreme what about lesser insecurity examples.

    • Lol thats the main insecurity examples I've heard on movies and in reality

    • Don't think I would ever get to that level even if I felt that way lol

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