Ex is being confusing?

Today was the Valentine's Day dance. My ex also went to the dance with his friends. My friends have predicted my ex would ask to get back together with me. During the dance, my ex's friend came up to me with my ex and asked me "Would you get back together with him?" I nodded. I asked my ex and his answer was "I don't know. I just don't know." And I told him that if he does, he could just talk to me. We left it at that. Before that my ex was watching me at the dance, and sitting across from me, and glaring at me when I was singing along to "Single Ladies" and my ex's friend told me my ex said "I neeeeeeed *my name*" So I'm confused if he really wants me back or not. My exs friend also told me that he said I don't know because he was scared. I think it's that too, but I don't know. At lunch earlier my best friend was talking to him and asking if he still loves me. My ex said its "uncertain." Hmmmm. Before people start ranting and say I should ignore him and stuff, and I'm still young, that doesn't help me. I just want an answer to my question, not a lecture. My question is, what might my ex mean by "I don't know." If he earlier said he "needed me" ?


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  • i think he may not want to get back with you because he thinks it will end again
    he probably still has lingering feelings for you so thats why he is acting this way


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