Girls what would you do if your boyfriend always says things like this? Please please help?

He travels by train and obviously he sees numerous girls there, I don't care if he looks or not, because every man look. But he text me saying she has a nice ass, I don't know but it kinda hurts me.

Then again he visited a college where he saw many girls and he was like it feels soo good among so man girls.

He sees a girl and just tell me how beautiful she is or hot etc.
I find it hurts me.

Plus I have a doubt him being gay or bisexual.
what todo? why he does like that?


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  • Wow, he is really insensitive and disrespectful. Have you told him to stop, it bothers you?

    • No I didn't.

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    • He is not even dead serious lol, but I don't feel good about those comments he make.

    • Ah ok, should be easy fix just tell him to stop, it's not funny to you, and if he doesn't respect that then there's your sign ;P

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  • Do he really love ❤ you or just pretend to... cause guys sometimes make a gf just for pleasure.😔

  • He's just trying to make you jealous... it's working


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  • He's an asshole.
    Even if they were attractive he should have that level of respect to not tell you, not look infront of you & to not even be descriptive about anyone except you !

  • Tell him it makes you uncomfortable.