Whats the most romantic love story that you/your relative/ friend has told you?

Like have you/them ever experienced something you didn't think was ever going to happen? Like a real life fairytale? Please with detail.


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  • My best friends' (two brothers) sister and my sister's best friend always looked like a kid to me for a long time. She was always just there, like a sister, so I didn't think much about her. One of the brothers asked her and I to hang out at a coffee diner place that was hosting a few bands for a charity event. I went and everything went pretty smooth. Friend leaves to the bathroom, her and I talk 1-on-1, which doesn't happen often. It was there, in this mature setting, that I stopped seeing her as this little girl, and I guess I accidentally started flirting with her (kinda just happens once I get comfortable).
    Brother comes back, we chat some more have a good time, and the band says something. They said they want to see people dancing for this next song. And they were good. Like, REALLY good. Anyway, she says that we should dance if nobody else does so it isn't so depressing. And my heart just fucking skipped a beat right there. I've never danced before, and I only saw her as a woman like ten minutes ago. So I do what any chickenshit white boy would do, and that was nothing.
    We go back to their place, hang out in this office area and play some games. Buddy's on his PC, not paying much attention. She gets bored, and she knows I'm ticklish. Badly. And I cackle like a maniac. So she has her fun and it leads into a game of footsie. We kinda lock eyes for a second or two and then my buddy gets up and goes to the bathroom.
    We kinda just tackled eachother right then and some stuff happened in the 5 minutes it took for her brother to come back.

    We held onto this secret relationship for a few months. Apparently, she had been crushing on me for a long while now, and she was so happy with how it turned out. But she was not a liar, and the pressure got to her. I was worried about her, so I asked if she wanted to break up, since I felt I was causing her stress. She agreed.
    After a month, I couldn't stop thinking about her so I tried dating. Didn't work.

    • Apparently she started dating someone around this time too. Felt real jealous about that but what else can you do but let it go, right?
      Couple months pass, nothing good happens. Then while I'm at their place after staying the night from playing games with the brothers, her and I are the only ones up early in the morning. After some lame small talk we both kinda pause and look at eachother.
      And then the love tackle.
      We hide our relationship from our friends and family, so it's not comfortable. We fool around a little. Turns out, she broke up with me because she thought I was stressed about it, and she dated a guy so she could forget about me.
      We break up a second time a few months later but it doesn't stick. I have to go to college, so it becomes a long distance relationship. I eventually flunk college, losing my money and my apartment from scholarships and loans, so I ask for a place to stay.

    • My brother offers his place, so I accept, but it's in a different state.
      After some time, I get depressed from being a loser with no job, money, car, or education, while living on my brother's couch. So I accept that I'm actually a poor influence on her, but I'm a chickenshit at the time, so I don't have the heart to break up with her for good. I try and stay in contact with her.
      Year goes by and I visit my hometown for Christmas. My friends offer up their place. After some reluctance to admit it, she confirms she still wants me (she just didn't want to get too attached again). Once everyone goes to their rooms, she takes me to her room to spend the night with her.
      After that, I went back. I contacted her less and less so she would forget about me and find someone good for her. And she did. A physics major who goes to the same college as her. Seems like a really nice guy.
      It kills me to see them together, but she was a sister first, and he'll take care of her loads better than i could.

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  • My grandmother's parents both got very, very I'll during the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma in the 1930's. They both died within a few days of each other. My grandmother was 14, and the oldest of 7 children. She was left to run the farm and raise all 6 of the younger children by herself; the youngesy only 4 months old. She was heartbroken. There was no food, no money, no medicine, and jobs were scarce. She didn't know what to do. My grandpa had spent a few months working on their farm but barely knew her... he dropped out of school, found a job doing hard work in the oil fields, and supported her and her younger siblings to keep them fed and out of the orphanage. He had to lie about his age to get the job. A few years later, he asked her to marry him, and he not only raised her younger brothers and sisters as his own, but they had 7 kids of their own! They were soooo in love, and the cutest couple ever. They made each other laugh every day.

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