How do I ask out a girl?

I wanna ask out a girl but i don't know how. Its a girl that i have previously asked out but a lot of family and medical issues came up so we couldn't really make it wor. I wanna try to ask her out again but i heard that she is a lesbian now. I dont know what to do. She is by for the most gorgeous girl at my highschool, but i don't know what to do about it anymore. :(


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  • Ow man... that's difficult... you've heard that she's a lesbian... and with that it will be very difficult to ask her out and she'll say yes... there are no exact answers to your question... but there are helpful answers... one is to be yourself... ask him casually without giving her a 100% affection towards her... you dont want awkwardness in the air... relax and just ask her if she could sometimes grab a bite and hang out with you and talk... :)