I'm scared I can't do it? what is my purpose in life?

I just started sewing lessons yesterday because im trying to find my passion and since i need to be creative or else i lose my mind and im really good at sketching dresses. But i immediately thought because i had a hard time understanding the sewing part (i felt devastated because im not a logical thinker at all, i suck at logic.) i do everything by instinct but for sewing you need to be good at it so does that mean im not a natural talent and just... suck at it? i feel lost in life now. I need an creative job, i like making things but if im bad at this im doomed!


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  • I don't get how you need logic to sew?

    • you need to know how to measure and use math

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    • no no i can do simple math ofcourse, its just that sometimes i feel like its ard for me to understand things because i measure by instinct and she was suprised i fgot the measure right just by looking at it.

    • You're not making sense at all

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