What Should I do?

So me and this guy was speaking online everyday since October 2014 sometimes for upto 5 hours a night, and skyping each other, I went to see him end of January but only saw him on my first night, because one night I had run out of credit and he was supposed to be meeting me, but he wasn't sure where till he got to the place, I phoned him he hadn't arrived and when I looked my credit had gone, so I went to buy a phone card, the next day I found out he had been waiting for me for 1 hour, and he was upset about it, on the last night we was supposed to meet he worked in the hotel when I was staying as a receptionist, I didn't know he had finished work, and he sent a message saying he had gone home and that i was in the hotel bar and he had been waiting 20 minutes. I was upset plus had been drinking, I said if he didn't come back there wouldn't be a next time, he went offline, and I was phoning him well quite a lot of times, plus texting him. Anyway the nextday I went on my Facebook and he had blocked me. Since coming home I have messaged him everyday and he hasn't replied, but yesterday after I sent him a really nice text, my friend who is in a relationship said he had messaged her said hi how are you, but he has only ever spoke to her twice and only very short chats, Is he trying to make me jealous, does he want a reaction, what does he want do you think, and if he wanted a reaction he must care still like me? What do you think?

I sent him a photo of myself on whatsapp on Sunday which he has just seen it tonight he saw it earlier tonight, and then came online again 1 hour after, I wondered if he was going on to look again at my photo, or to see if I had sent anything else. He hasn't blocked me on whatsapp. I know how much he liked me as he told me in the past that He liked me so much, it was actually more than like, a feeling he got inside.


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  • I know almost for a fact what he wants, he wants you to leave him alone :(
    Your messages got to him and so he blocked and did his best to ignore you. Now he might start hitting on random people that you know just so you'd back off.

    To be honest, 20 minutes isn't a lot of waiting. He was probably getting tired of you by then... :(

    My advice would be to give him space. One month or so, then try talking again. If one month is unbearable, then try to do a minimum of 2 weeks.

    WARNING: If you keep bugging him, he'll resent you.

    In regards to him liking you in the past, let go of that. Block it out of your mind completely. What was in the past is irrelevant at the moment (though he might still like you a bit) If you menage to rebuild the relationship, do your best not to threaten him with break ups whenever he fails to do something. And if you have to stay away from drinking in order to do that, then do so.

    1) Give him about a month worth of space.
    2) IF you guys start talking again don't get too clingy and overly aggressive.
    3) Don't assume that if he liked you in the past then his present actions are only the result of that.


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  • Move on. 


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  • He had a bad experience with you and doesn't want to talk to you anymore. It's that simple.

  • You should ask your friend to explain the whole "phone running out of credit, etc. etc."