My gf of 14 months suggested a breakup. I agreed. Now she's backpedaling?

Me and my ex were together for 14 months. She started acting cold last month, I new something's wrong, so tried everything.

I suggested short trip to a nearby city, going to restaurants, bars, teach her dancing. Tried every fun thing so I light a spark again. She declined all of them, only wanted to come to my house for movies, cuddling.
Than she said she has a "lot to study" and can't find 5 minutes in a day for me, even though she acted cold without studying part.
So I said ok, no problem and agreed on the breakup. But I told her If you love me you would find time for me and would never leave me. We leave 3 minute walk away from eachother.

And few days later she sends Fb message, how come I am adding some girls on fb so soon. I told her I don't know what to answer.

And yesterday she texts saying "sorry you can delete me or block me, but it seems to me that you wanted the break up more than I did." And I answered nothing.. Cause I don't know what. I didn't do anything, added 1 or 2 girls on Facebook. But she left me why does she want me to feel bad about it, and play these games?


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  • It's one thing for a girl to not know what she wants. It's a whole other issue for her to act like it's your fault. It's obvious that you are ready for a long term mature relationship and she isn't. Cut out the crazy and find a girl who wants the same things you do.

    • This comment from @BellePepper is gold. Listen to it. Move on. Immediately.

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    • Oh my gosh that is so crazy!!! Good on you for standing your ground!!!

    • Thank you for the answer and for the heads up. Sometimes it's better to hear opinion from others.

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  • She's just messing with your feelings, I think that breaking up with her was a good idea. And like you said, if she loves you just as much as she says she does she would find time for you and would at least try to exert some effort into your relationship. I think it's time for you to move on and find someone who will appreciate what you do.

  • She thinks she meant nothing to you because you're moving too fast. I don't believe that adding 2 girls on Facebook exactly means that you're moving on but if you were my ex I probably would!

    • I added one girl while she acted so cold, just to test her. She said nothing. I never meant to even text someone while in a relationship. It's not who I am

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    • Yes, but I guess she only thinks about me, now when I'm gone..

    • That's a fact. People appreciate what they have after they lose it. I'm not saying she wants you back, she just doesn't want you to move on with some other girl this fast. It's a girl thing. We don't like seeing our exs with others.

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  • Seems to me like she's keeping tabs. She wants to know that if she can't find another bloke, that you'll be there for her.

    I agree with you though, if she ever truly loved you, she would make time for you.

    My GF has been extremely busy, yet she still makes time for Valentine's.

    I'd move on and remove your now ex from your life.

    • Yeah that's what love is. One day after breaking up I see her on a coffee with her friend for and hour, smiling, talking.. It could've been me even for a half an hour. After all that she says that I wanted the break up more than her. Yeah maybe she's just keeping tabs

    • Good luck mate. I'm sure you'll find someone else!!

  • You shouldn't feel bad. It was a mutual break up. You both agreed to it. Now that you are single, what you do and who you add to Facebook is your business

  • She's female... end of story...

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