Why would he bring his girlfriend me around like that?

Soo there's this guy I was sleeping with, we were starting to get closer and he seemed to want to make it more than a fuck buddy relationship. (he never actually verbalized that though) so I kind of pulled away because he seemed kinda playerish, and I wanted to go with my gut feeling.

Anyways, last time we fucked was at the end of January. He kinda stopped texting/snapchating me more and more. And now we don't talk at all. All of a sudden I see him posing with a girl on Facebook, they're DATING now. Like what? I feel kinda hurt and confused at how fast that was.

What makes it worse is that he brought her to the weekly group meeting for a club at our university. He randomly brought her, knowing what he was doing! I felt so awkward, and I think everyone in the room felt it too cause they know we were talking.

Why would he do that knowing that it would be an awkward situation? I'm mad he did that... especially since he's the president of the group, so unprofessional.



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  • He is a DICK and u were just a booty call... Sorry if its harsh not meant to be but the way i see it


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  • He sounds like an A. hole that has no respect for you. Like you said, he's probably just a player.

    • Yeah, I can't believe he would actually do that.