What's wrong with me?

It was 3 years already that I used to be single. But I've been in relationship now. My BF and I are kinda true love because we're already thinking about our future. But I still don't understand what's on my mind? Why sometimes I felt like I don't need him? Something like It would be better If I be alone, And even when we're so sweet to each other (No Fight) But when we fought, I kinda felt sad and really want him back. But when I got him I felt nothing special. Oh my god... I really hate this feeling. 'Cause I'm the type of don't know how to cheat. If I have a BF I'll be faithful even have so many other guys try to chase me. But Im just not sure that Do I love him? What's this feeling mean?


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  • Ugh, just, my god I hated being with a girl like that, honestly leave him, if you care about him at all do it. Cause guys can tell when its like that and all you're doing is sending him through a rollercoaster of hell. He doesn't deserve to be your plaything, and that's all he is now, you are just using his emotions like a toy so leave him

    • Noo, Im really sure with myself that I didn't play with him. Im serious with him. I even gave up on my dream just because he didn't like it. But I still don't understand what's this feeling mean...

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    • Yes, that's also make sense. Something like He's just came into my head, not yet my heart. But I'll try to love him harder :)
      And thanks u so much for those comments. it's really nice to met such a good adviser like u :)

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  • i'm in the samee situation !!! OMG i know this exactly this feeling and i'm looking for answers too !!! AHAHAHAAHA iwas planning on sharing the same question but it's seems that i don't have to do itt since you already have the same one ahaahaha thnks LOL !!