I have an online dating profile. So here are couple of questions?

1. Does women ever initiates a conversation?
2. Is it safe to assume that they are not interested when they don't respond to my message after looking at profile

3. The thing that I can't figure out is what if they respond and not ask you anything. For example when I was how she was doing and what her plans for the weekend are, I get a message - I'm good. Nothing, just chilling

So what should I assume in this case when no question is asked


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  • 1. Very, very rarely. With only a few exceptions, most of the girls who’ve messaged me first have been very overweight or unattractive and probably figured they had nothing to lose trying.

    2. That’s correct.

    3. She’s answering your question. She might not be interested, or you need to ask a better question, one that can’t be answered abruptly like that. Ask what she likes to do for fun, what does she think about the cold weather we’re suddenly having, does she mind it? What’s her favourite way to chill out, (yours) is x y and z…

    • Yeah #1 is very common for guys it seems. I had one girl who was very obese message me saying you're cute 3 times, not in a row, but after the 3rd time I sent her a message saying sorry not interested just to get her to stop.

    • I don't know if you've used pof but do you ever get fake profiles such as web cam girls clicking yes on the meet me feature?

      It's funny because a lot of those ones are the same pictures, just different names and profiles.

    • I've never had that happen on POF, no.

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  • 1. Almost never. Unless it's a catfish. (We know we don't have to initiate.)
    2. Yes
    3. Any response is a good response. Small chat is a towing the line to see how your handle yourself.


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  • 1. Some do. Most women who have initiated conversation weren't attractive though in my opinion. There have been some exceptions though.
    2. Yes, but not always. Some would read my message, look at my profile but nit reply until a few days later. I used to get paranoid about stupid shit where I would send a message and then it would show they read it but they would just take hours to respond. They could just be busy or need to think a response to type out.
    3. Play it by ear. I deal with this a lot. I'll ask questions a lot and they'll respond but I'll keep asking questions until I eventually ask them out after we talk for awhile or they give me their number first. I only find the response but no attempt to ask or further the conversation an issue when we meet in person and text.

    Bottom line is don't assume anything, everyone's different on how they go about things. I mean don't ignore red flags or signs but experiences will be different for each person.

  • 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    2. She hasn't said she's not interested, pursue her until you find out otherwise.

  • Online dating is pretty much pointless, especially for men. I suppose there is no need for you to seek any answers.