What is he playing at?

Had a fight a week ago with boyfriend texted him everyday, no reply, but after sending text on Wednesday 1 hour after he had sent my friend a message on Facebook, he has spoke to her, let alone meet her, he knows she in a relationship. He asked her how she was, I just wondered what he's upto? Is it to get a reaction out of me? I don't know what to think? Is it to make me jealous, He hasn't spoke to me for a week, or replied to texts.

the fight we had was that he had been waiting 20 minutes for me and I didn't know and i was in the hotel bar, and he told me he had gone home, he sounded upset that I was in the bar we'll he was waiting. I said if he didn't come back there wouldn't be a next time, and then the next day he had blocked me on Facebook.

I know how much he liked me because he told he, he liked me so much and it was more than like, a feeling he got inside.


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  • You need to speak to him face to face and talk about it.
    Don't immediately ask "are you cheating on me" or "why were you talking to her"
    that will just cause more problems.
    Talk about it in a civilised manner and make sure that the both of you have a chance to explain their side of things

    • I know he's not cheating on me, my boyfriend lives overseas and my friend has never been there, He has barely spoken to my friend only for minutes, and only twice, but he hasn't spoken to her since December, so thats why I wondered suddenly now he messages her, he knows she's a good friend of mine also

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  • It sounds to me as though he's done with you and the relationship. This argument may have been the straw that broke the camels back.

  • No, I don't think that is his motive. I think he would not mind a reaction. But I think he is a douche bag! And really just doesn't care!!!

    • But you would only want a reaction if you liked that person right?

    • No, that is manipulative! And I would not do it at all!!
      Whatever he is trying to achieve. He is wrong!! You never go after ex's friends. And if he is looking for a reaction the is manipulative and wrong! I would not feed in to it! And more should your girlfriend! Honestly delete and move on!

    • *nor

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  • he's being immature, trying to make you jealous.