I can't stand being single anymore but I feel universally rejected by women?

One really bad relationship has convinced me that im too short, unattractive or even worthy to ever date again. But I want to. I've been single for two years and its driving me crazy im not moving on im not changing my behavior Im just stuck alone, tinder and okcupid have failed me and Im working on not being socially awkward but its hard to feel so unwanted by the opposite sex.


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  • Don't let that one bad relationship make you feel like that just be yourself and trust me women love that. I Know it sucks being single for so long but you don't want to be in a relationship just because it sucks to be single. I feel unwanted to I think a lot of people do but you got to just feel comfortable and confident with yourself and once you do that you will feel better about yourself.

    I know I can be socially awkward even around my guy friend but the last time I hung out with him I just forgot about all my insecurities and I actually had fun. Sometimes you have to just loosen up and not worry about what other people think.


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  • That makes milions of us, singles. What is your question though?

    • Should I give up?

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    • I think that would sitting around and waiting is BS. Not because I dont believe it can happen but because I want to take control of me life and not leave it up to krama or chance.

    • There are bilions of women on the Earth.. You can try all of them to find out who the one is... Are you willing to do it though?

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  • The first step towards being in relationship, is to love yourself first. If you have the belief that you're 'unattractive', then even without your knowledge it sends negative vibes to women who could have been potential partners, so they would obviously turn you down.

    • I think about that a lot lot that has to be a part of my problem, im working to get in better shape but until then im stuck with my body, you can't tell me that you accept yourself completely?

    • Nope! To be frank, I'm quite insecure about my looks as well, and I have serious issues with my self esteem. But at the same time, I have been single for 4 years now, and haven't even attempted to date during this time. So you can say i have gotten used to being single, so I'm not really complaining or longing for female companionship.

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