I've been on 4 dates with a guy and he texted me one night and I texted him a little while later...

Then I never heard back from him... My phone was acting up and thought maybe he tried texting me and my phone was just messed up. So I tried texting him the next day and said my phone was messed up and wondered if he got my text... still no word... What should I do? I really like him but don't want to seem pushy and weird...


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  • Log into your cell phone account and see if his number comes up under sent text messages. Obviously, if his number is there then he received them. If he didn't then consider calling him to say 'hi.' Tell him about the issue with your phone too.

    If he did get the texts then don't contact him. Let him come to you. You don't want to come on too strong. He might be concerned about the same thing so he could be spacing out the communication. Just try to relax, go with the flow and see what happens next.

    Good luck.