Am I addicted to women if so what can I do to get over it?

I have never dated or had relationship with a girl above friendship I never kissed a girl, but I'm not trying to complain I think I'm on the right track I look good and I'm happy, I think it will happen when happens. So I'm just being chill about it, but I have so much curiosity about it everywhere I go there is a love song playing or people dating. I don't have time for a girlfriend I have a lot of important things to do and on my free time I don't want to deal with a girls crazy bullshit. But No matter what I do I can't stop wondering about and wanting girls I seem more obsessed with girls than most of my guy friends. Is this what addiction looks like because I feel like I'm thinking about more and more it get harder to ignore all of my thoughts are centered around girls in some way and it wasn't like this before.


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  • There's nothing wrong with you at all.. you've got life and priorities and direction. So keep working towards your goals and ambitions.. trust me, women find that attractive.

    But I will comment on a few things you've said. I have some experience with women so trust me when I say this...

    1) Assuming women are crazy, or have bullshit, is what's called "pre judging" them... it's also called prejudice. It's gross. Just because some women are crazy doesn't mean they all are, that's just ignorant.

    This could likely be why you've had a lack of success with women up until now. It's like assuming the local swimming pool is poison... of course you're not going to jump in. But pay attention.. if there are many happy people swilling then the water is just fine.

    If others complain that the water tastes bad, or have had trouble swimming, that doesn't mean you will. It just means they're poor swimmers.

    2) Of course you're wondering about women... it's built into our DNA to hook up, and fall in love, and chase ass. So don't look at your lustful thoughts as bad, or negative or weird. It's pretty normal.

    3) If something is on your mind the healthiest way to clear it from your thoughts is to address it through taking action. When we take action we feel better automatically, even if the action we take is wrong. Making mistakes leads us in the right direction.

    Doing nothing leaves us feeling weak and sad.

    So my advice is to do a little online reading about women and dating, if you're really unfamiliar, then go out and practice your social skills (making small talk with strangers of all sizes and sexes, in order to get comfortable with it) and finally make it part of your weekly "to do" list... meeting women.

    There's few things in life that make an after work dinner as exciting as after work dating, sex, and love.


    ~ Robby

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    • Yeah I know it's bad to say they are crazy I have seen girls do stuff so crazy I couldn't even comprehend why. This is sort of holding me back from dating. I don't think I have a confidence problem I talk to girls even get their number but I'm not sure how to get dates, and I'm kind of quiet so that doesn't help. I was thinking about asking this girl out to dinner, but I'm not ready to commit to anyone so I usually just don't try to get dates?

    • Ah, so your "issue" would be more about escalation and expectations, over simply socializing and dating perhaps?

      Escalation just means taking the steps needed to go from meeting her, to sleeping with her (and being in a romantic relationship.) This might sound daunting if you haven't practiced all the tiny steps needed... but it's not so bad. Here's a great online resource for learning the baby steps:

      As for expectations, what I mean is that going on dates doesn't mean commitment. Even sleeping with a girl doesn't mean commitment.

      Commitment comes from a verbalized expectations that you have for each other. So until you've said, "Listen, let's stop dating other people and see where this goes" then you don't have to stress about what you expect, or what she expects.

      Dating is no strings attached fun until you BOTH feel like attach strings. Seriously.

      And if you want to avoid a crazy then simply watch for the Red Flags before you commit.

      I hope this helps?


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  • So than if i can ask you are a virgin i bet it is normal

    • yeah i am but i heard you become even more obsessed when you have sex

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    • Message me?

    • Guys if you can't cry you ain't able to get fully naked with a girl gotta be able to get emotionally vulnerable too... please dont get mad about this...

  • it doesn't seem like it.


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  • First off, you seem very sensible for choosing other important things over girls. Best to get that stuff out of the way first, it's better for you and your potention SO.
    Second, I know how you feel, dude. I'm in a similar situation but am not in a situation where a relationship would be right.
    Third, Like it or not, we are animals, and biologicaly an animals number 1 priority is to mate. As humans we know that we should be sensible, we understand the dangers, but this doesn't stop our brains from thinking about it.

    Wait until you feel ready for a stable relationship and start dating! Don't wait around for the day to come or for a girl to approach you, do what needs to be done, be proactive and then, after all that, try and find someone

  • I'm addicted to women and have no interest in a cure

  • just wait and remember never to chase girls!!!

  • I think most men are addicted to women.

  • You must obey the orders of Mr. Wiggly until you are relieved of duty...