How to not be inlove?

So there is this boy. I know him trough a friend and the first time we talked we ware already like best friends. And now I think he likes me bc my friends tell me he looks like he's in love and sometimes he tells me I'm 'Queen' and that I'm pretty and stuff. He's the same age as me, I can't date a guy the same age. I mean I'm girl. I'm hot and I know who I want. So I really can't be with him but like I start to think I'm getting feelings for him... So how can I make sure I won't? And NO don't tell me to listen to my heart. I know what I want and I'm gonna get it. And he isn't what I want. Tell me how can I make these feelings go away?


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  • Occupy yourself whenever you start to think of him. Learn a new hobbie or do an activity.

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