My personality doesn't seem to attract girls?

Ok so I'm a guy who's a little shy, the more I know you, the more I become myself. I'm a gentleman and have been told many times, I hold open doors for people, I'm polite, I'm very caring. I'm funny, easy to get along with, this may seem cheesy but everyone seems to warm to me instantly.
I'm the type of guy who's always upbeat, I'm nearly always smiling and laughing. I also lack a little bit of self esteem. Some will say this is bad, but I put others first before myself. I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself, in order to put a smile on others faces. I act daft but I'm actually quite switched on... constantly thinking. The way I'm writing may seem as though Iam a bit big headed and I love me, but iam not. Girls are always laughing at what I'm saying etc, but I can't seem to get a gf. What am I doing wrong? Am I actually too nice? I'm fully aware that the whole 'bad boy/ arsehole' type of guy is a big turn on for girls, and well, I'm the complete opposite, but that character is just not me AT ALL. You could say I'm a bit old fashioned.


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  • its not a huge turn on for girls thats usually just a negative insult when a guy thinks the guy a girl is with isn't good enough instead of considering what mostly really happens when girls end up with those guys... he WAS a nice guy to suck her in and eventually showed his true colors after she started to love him. they just see the bad bit and instantly assume girls like jerks when for the vast majority its not true.

    your personality IS what attracts girls, i would say its your behavior or something else you are projecting thats keeping them away. maybe you aren't being forward enough and expect them to approach you? you need to flirt with them and at least show some obvious interest. are you showing interest in the wrong places? at work? at school? in a social group? girls tend not to make relationships in these places because if break ups happen it becomes extremely awkward. i liked a guy a lot from one of my uni classes but he is in nearly every class and hangs out in our social group so i could never date him because breaking up would make things so awkward and divided.


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  • Okay, you seem like a really nice guy, but i think your problem is that you come off as someone who is not serious, who is always making jokes and making people laugh, most girls like guys who are funny and serious at the same time, you have to present yourself as someone who is responsible, you have to act your age and show them that you are practical and have ambition as well as someone who is funny and nice.

  • Your personality is great! Here is what I think: Maybe you're showing girls your sweet side too soon? Try being a bit more interesting/mysterious. Make them explore your petsonality. Make them curious. :)

  • I think u r find maybe u dont look that good I think?

    Appearance matter bro

    • Girls that are 'taken' have said im gorgeous and handsome, so I don't know. But guys say I'm ugly

    • Lets see what the other will say ask new Q how do I look? U will get honest answers

      Add some mesterious to ur personality if u like it it may help

      Most women not attracted to very very good guy they still miss the bad side of the men

    • And u dont need to change be urself and sure with time u will find her

      Some guys r single for 8 years

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