Almost 40 year old, dishwasher installing, home depot working guy wants to date me, would you even give him a chance?

he asked me out and has told me his story about his ex gf's who he lived with for a few years. he name called them and said he doesn't want to be with a girl with kids.
even though, he slept with two women who had kids, then slept with a woman going through a divorce.
how attractive is this person really?
doesn't it tell a lot about his personality that he puts others down and seems to just use them for sex?
he's old, bald and sounds like a girl when he talks. he seems to act 'nice' around me but I have heard more than enough, don;'t you think?


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  • Yeah he sounds like a fucking tool.


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  • He probably just wants sex from you.


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  • He sounds like a girl when he speaks?
    He's "old"?
    You make him sound gross.
    No thanks !

  • No, he doesn't sound appealing in the least. Also, I'm not really into guys who are that much older than me. Past 30ish is too much of an age gap.

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