This Girl Could Want To Date Me?

We met last year. She has many male friends. She had a boyfriend last summer and only heard from her if she needed help with homework or needed someone to hangout with. My cousin met her and wants to bang her and got her snapchat from me. She sends snapchats often but my friend and cousin get them also. She stops replying to my text at times.

I said goodnight cutie and she responds "goodnight munchkin <3". I told her I've been in the gym and she said I'm already in shape. I asked about her boyfriend and she’s been single since Christmas. She sent me a pic saying if you locate her hairbrush I win her love.

I told her the two of us will have to go out and she said we can go bowling. I said I can’t wait and she replied “yes <3 me too! She then sent out a snap of a celebrity saying my baby.

This summer she has soccer games in my city and expects me at them. We are going out next week or the week after. She’s not sure what she wants to do so ahead of time and I suggested bowling, movies, and bar. I said good and she responded “goodnight xoxo <3)”


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  • She seems like she really wants to date you :]


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