Ex girlfriend said she wanted her space?

We had plans to move out choosing me over her mom because her mom threw her that ultimatum. Backed out last minute.

She went stone cold on me and I think it's just a matter of time till she comes crying to me. She was giving me mixed signals calling me the next day crying saying she's not sure if she wants to break up. Called her a couple days later was acting passive aggrestive again saying she's fine everything is good. I got pissed lost my temper and said im out of patience and these games said im moving on. Embarass ed her with her friends I think she was with them and we were yelling on the phone. I apologized the next day said basically I'm sorry I know where your coming from I'll be here if you need me. Said I hurt her and she needed space from me. Said I don't know if I want to talk to you anymore.

She asked me three days later if I wanted this gift I got her back randomly. I had literally just lost my job after this and told or no that's fine.. Told her what just happened. She said wow I'm sorry that happened. Then I just told her I really miss you are we done? She said I miss you too but it's just not a good time for us.

did I really f up this breakup and look weak or whiny? I meant it as in are we never going to talk referring what she said not getting back together.

Looking for answers.


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  • Then give her the soace she's looking for


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