Please help with a girl?

Hi guys and girls.. in my school there is a not very much beautiful about the guys opinions but she is very sweet.. we were just friends but i started to have feelings for her... Now i think i'm in love but i am very shy with girls so i want your help guys and girls. Can you tell me how can i approach her?


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  • Whatever you do don't become friends with her because she will friend zone you and there is no way out of it! Speak to her like, get her phone number and text her 'hey, have you don't that maths homework yet?' Text her something that she can reply to and you can start a convo after.

    I'm exactly like you, shy and I have her number but scared to text her!

    Good luck mate!

    • we are in different classrooms and i am very afraid

    • Don't be afraid, the worst thing she can do is say no. If you want to ask her out then maybe try 'hey--(whatever her name is), if you're not busy at the weekend I was wondering if you fancy going out to cinema?' More than likely in your teen years girls will give you a chance.

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  • write her a letter.


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  • Okay first off woman love and want to approuch so rejection is a negative. You also must have thing in common with her. Steal galnces if it means see what you like. Let's say you like her shoes, Kay, what about it? Well you have approuch her confidenrly and start off saying thins that Are open ended questions, like " excuse me, I notice your shoes has ( tell her what you like aboutem) am I the only one who likes it as well? Keep away from yes or no answers and try not to get too personal.