How to deal with what he did to me / thoughts on the situation?

Do you think you could give me some advice on a problem please? xx
My boyfriend of ages went on exchange for Uni. he assured me the time apart would be fine & we would talk very often. this didn't happen, he didn't start 1 convo in the 7wks he was gone. i was going through issues with my rents & he was helping me a little. one day we hadn't spoken in 4 days & i had a huge fight with my dad. i messaged my bf 'hey, when you get a sec / internet can u message me, i need help with something'. He saw the message, didn’t say anything, then inboxed my MUM on fb saying he can’t handle me or deal with my problems anymore. He then blocked me & never said another word to me. He got back 10 days ago & he never said a word to me again. I’m so heartbroken. We were such a perfect couple before he left; he always assured me we’d never part / he’d never leave me & that this time apart wouldn’t have a negative effect. What are your thoughts on the situation / do you have any advice you may be able to give me?
Thank you SO much xxxx


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  • Move on.
    I know it seems short but there's no getting back from "can't handle or deal with your problems anymore".


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  • He didn't have to break up with you because you couldn't see him or talk to him, so he just ignored you as a way of ending the relationship. It's low and horrible but that's obviously the kind of guy he is and he didn't value the relationship as much ad you. He probably met new people over there and different girls and probably didn't want to be obligated to someone back home.

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