Black guys complain about dating sites?

They complain women don't get back to them and stuff, but I literally never see black guys on dating sites unless it's one specifically for black people. Sorry to, but rare ones I do see are not the typical black guy. Or typical guy even lol. Why is this?


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  • Well the media has it portrayed that women seek caucasian males as a preference also the negative stereotypes against black men (ghetto/uneducated/poor etc...) make it harder to prove yourself behind a screen.

    So at least for me not that I'm looking but, I think I have a better chance of making an impression with a girl face to face. So she can see the real me versus a fabricated stereotype.

    • But media also makes it like black guys are amazing sometimes. Like they're born with skills in bed and every single black guy can please a woman like no other man can and that black guys are stronger or whatever. Ok media says they'll get you pregnant and run away to lol, but still, media says some stuff that women will like. Oh i don't know.

    • I don't know how people see a big penis counts as having skills in bed lol so you're saying you believe in those things? Not saying some can't be true but it will differ person to person.
      Either way, we live in a world where people feed into stereotypes way too much, to the point where others make unfair predictions without even knowing you.

      Is this about interracial dating or just dating in your race?

    • No, I don't believe it. I known some black guys with tiny tiny dicks before. I'm just saying there's negative stereotypes but good ones to like size and skill. There's quite a few bad stereotypes, but definitely some good ones to.
      I just prefer black because we get on better usually, nothing to do with any stereotypes. Some Asian dudes can be ok to.

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  • Statistically black guys dont get as much higher education, dont get the jobs that go with that, dont marry the mother of their children and have other negatives associated with them. Girls are playing the odds of getting a good mate so this factors in just like they prefer tall guys based on other reasons. There is also a desire for certain looks for the offspring by some women.

    • That's what I always hear, but I hardly know black guys like that in real life. I even know some who came from the hood and ended up lawyers and accountants and stuff. I think that's an outdated statistic from the days education and stuff was harder for blacks because of the crazy ideas going round or just lack of integration or poverty they came from means leave school asap and get a job to bring money back.
      I don't know, I just don't hear or see that stuff apart from online or like jerry springer type TV shows. Not in real life.

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    • Black guys also dont marry their baby mommas. That is something a lot of women see as a negative as it all falls on them. And when whitebwomen marry a black man it has the highest divorce rate of any race combinations. This is recent and from the CDC. Here is an article on the single mom issue. Single moms make $24k a year vs married parents $81k a year. That difference is huge in the quality of life for a family and kids.

    • Yea I see that happening to a lot of white women but all the black women, as long as they aren't trash or hoes, i usually see the dad around. I'm not white, I'm mixed black and white but obviously considered black by most. Anyway, my dad has been married to my mother from around when you were born maybe since you're (45+) and he's got 7 brothers who are with black women who's their kids mother and in my family hardly anybody even has kids outside of marriage. It's what kinda people you know I guess. In my area growing up, there were trashy black people with a ton of kids and no dads, but there were also families like mine. That was the same for the white and Asian where I live to though, mainly just the Turkish people had both parents and still married, only the white Turkish mixed families were broken up.

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  • What do you mean a typical black guy? What's a typical black guy? And plus black people in general make up a small percentage of the population in America, Canada and Europe so of course you wouldn't see many.

    • Like typical, just a normal person, not the weird ones you'll see on those sites and stuff. They're never just normal black guys who do normal stuff and think like a normal person.

    • Well that's the only black guys I've ever met on dating sites the normal ones. What dating site are you using?