I want him to be my boyfriend but I've got a few problems?

My first problem is.. I'm still in love with my ex girlfriend and I don't know whether to tell him? I feel like he has every right to know but I'm just 50/50 about telling him.
My second problem Is.. For the last 4 years I've only had girlfriends, everyone knows I'm bisexual but I can't deal with the comments people are going to say.
My third problem.. I'm scared of letting him in incase I fall for him really hard. I can't deal with being hurt again. My last serious relationship completely torn me apart and it took it over a year to recover and I'm still recovering.
My final problem is I don't know how the deal with all that ^^^ any suggestions? (:


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  • 1. Love is delicate and precious, buy you can love again. Imagine if you will if you ex had died. Would you say fuck it, I'm done with love. No, I don't think you want that. Give this a try. Let him know that you are still healing.
    2. Who gives a fuck what other people are going to say? Are you honestly going to let other people's opinion keep you from potentially find happiness? What about the people who hate lesbians? My point is forget about that.
    3. It just takes one relationship to find honest to God, movie magic, honest, deep emotional love. It's not going to be easy, but it's not fair to assume that the next relationship will fail. You don't use that mind set in the other aspects of your life. Shit, I suck at my job and I got fired. Well, I guess I'm done... No, no one says that. Jump back on that horse!
    Most importantly, it's going to take time; there's no rush, but I would say give this a chance. Sometimes, it's the unexpected that will open your eyes to new possibilities.
    4. Finally, take it one step at a time. I think you should be honest with your potential boyfriend. I think you would want the same from him.


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  • Don't enter a new relationship if you still have feelings for an ex. It's not fair to the new partner or yourself. You need to explore and deal with your feelings, however long that takes, because a person deserves to have the full attention and feelings of their parnter and not be in competetion with an ex, which is how it feels.

    • Agree with you almost completely. But sometimes life doesn't work that way. People usually enter a relationship having feelings for their ex, but it turn out good, and sometimes don't. But that he should know that she still have feelings for her ex, she should. No one should enter a relationship blindfold.

    • He should*

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