Deciphering the female hints that she likes me or just being girly? when a girl hears things and wants to do them, or laughs for no reason?

so I have a few female friends. one of them has a boyfriend, but she does things that make me feel that she likes me, but maybe I am missing critical things where they are not serious.

she does things like these:

1. the bunch of us friends are discussing tickets to the Pan AM games, we live close to Toronto. and they say, I don't think anybody wants to watch volleyball... and I'll say, I wouldn't mind, as I used to play. and I also used to be involved with aquatics. so she will say "ill go see volleyball and swimming events" at the pan am games with a big smile looking at me.

2. when texting she will write random things like come meet us we're almost done and she will write 'lol', but there was no joke and no reason to laugh

3. sometimes I say things like I did a sport, or went biking, and a few days later she will want to go for a bikeride or do something else I spoke about.

4. she often asks me to join her at the gym, though I am not signed up

5. she often complains about her bf, but it's always a back and forth thing. liking and hating


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  • I think she likes you. but she's treading water to see if you like her too. the lol thing is from nerves. with number 3 she wants to do things you like to find something in common. with number 5 she trusts you enough to complain about her bf. but still lets you know that its probably not gonna last.

    • even if they have been together 7 years or close to?

    • yea.

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