He asked me out but I'm too scared to say yes?

We met online so this would be our first date. He asked me yesterday if I'd spend Valentine's with him but I said I wasn't sure. He asked again today too. I'm really scared. I mean he knows what I look like, but I'm really scared that because I'm not thin, he'll be really disappointed. I'm like a size 8/9 (US) - I mean I've dated quite a few guys and it's never been an issue, but for some reason I feel really embarrassed about it with this guy. Should I warn him that I'm fat?


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  • What do you have to lose? Nothing! Go out and see how things go. Don't tell him you are fat. It will put doubts into his mind that will effect his initial thoughts on you. I say go for it. Try to enjoy yourself and if he says no to a second date, then all well. If you don't go out in the first place there won't even be the chance of a second date.


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  • like you said, he knows what you look like. Girls worry about their looks too much.

    I'm not familiar with female clothing. size 8/9 in what? (so I can google it)

    Also, if this is your first time meeting someone from the internet, I do hope you'll meet in a safe place and have friends around?


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  • he seen what you look like already. it shouldn't be an issue.