He likes to run away from his problems with me instead of dealing with it but he claims he still cares?

My ex bf claims he still cares/has feelings for me but he won't face our problems he just runs away from it instead and I don't know why me and my current bf are on a two week break then talking and today I saw an old ex he was saying he was sorry that he still cares/has feelings for me but when I tried to talk he wouldn't and he is basically running away from the problem he said he wanted to fix it but won't? I'm confused by him could use the help/advice guys.


Also its been almost 2 years since we talked.


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  • He has feelings for you and cares for you, he's admitting that but it doesn't mean he wants to deal with the problems he has or the problems you had in your relationship.

    • True but he at one point said he would be willing to try dealing with them but clearly not thanks :)

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